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“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”                                                                                                                                    

~William Morris

Hillary Summerbell, owner and designer of Sanctuary Interior Design, has mastered the skill of designing for the individual. The design breadth she has acquired over the past few decades has helped her hone her unique talent. She is able to meet with a client and quickly visualize, execute, and perfect the unique vision clients have for their space and lifestyle. Exceptional interior design comes with experience, and trying to take on the task alone can be overwhelming. Choosing Sanctuary as your design team makes the process fun and stress-free.


Our custom design methodology begins with an in-home consultation, so we can view the space, visualize possibilities, and begin to understand the client’s aesthetic, goals, and ideal uses for the space. We will then discuss a general idea of furnishings and accessories, as well as the potential scale of the project, so that you are comfortable with, and informed about, every aspect of Sanctuary's process. 


If you decide to move forward, we begin working to create space plans to provide several options for how to proceed. When shaping a personalized style, customization is fundamental; each piece, color, and element of the design is hand-selected by Hillary and the client. 


Interior projects can include almost anything: window treatments, upholstery, rugs, wall treatments, and accessory appointments. Clients choose from the wide selection of fabrics, upholstery, and adornments that we have in our studio.

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