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Not every home needs a complete transformation.

Oftentimes, the right fixture, table or accessory 

is all that is needed before you can say,

"YES! This is MY home."

If this is you, welcome to Sanctuary Design Boutique.

design  À LA CARTE

Some clients don't require an intensive & thorough design project... they simply seek one or two final pieces in order to consider their space complete. So in our Virginia design studio, Sanctuary Design Boutique now curates and offers uniquely impressive (and expressive) pieces that you can order from us.

Sanctuary owner Hillary Summerbell frequently introduces

never-before-seen works from the world's foremost & exclusive designers 

to our Boutique, so to keep pace on what leading-edge styles & pieces

have made an impact, bookmark our Facebook and Instagram pages.

New pieces are always finding their way into the studio

.....and, perhaps, into your home.

Or, if you prefer, simply stop by the Boutique and

peruse our hand-selected items or one-of-a-kind works,

and head home with that perfect piece which completes the vision you have been creating.

Come on in. We would love to meet you.

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