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At Sanctuary,

We are a studio of designers who are passionate about innovative design and luxury interiors.

After decades of crafting high-end interior designs in the Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. areas, Sanctuary Interior Design has opened its studio in Vienna. We pride ourselves on being a full-service interior design studio that is collaborative, responsive, and a true partner in the process. We have a proven portfolio of relationships and projects that showcase our ability to not only create beautiful spaces but work seamlessly with architects, builders, and tradespeople. From selecting architectural details and finishes, to designing a functional, beautiful space with furniture, fabrics, and decor, we are here to bring your dream to life with our Sanctuary touch. As a creative team, we can design and create each client's project to its fullest potential. We have garnered a reputation for creating beautiful, timeless spaces that have an inherently relaxed, natural-inspired aesthetic. Casual luxury.

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Hillary Summerbell



Hillary is the owner and creative design force behind Sanctuary Interior Design and brings a well-honed and well-traveled eye to each one of her projects. Her esteemed design firm offers the highest quality of service and products. Hillary cultivated Sanctuary Interior Design’s reputation for top-tier service and exceptional design consultation through her ability to manage the entire design process, from the blueprint to completion. Hillary is committed to ensuring that every detail of each project is implemented to the absolute satisfaction of the client. When she isn’t in our new Vienna, Virginia studio, you can find Hillary feeding her adventure bug, exploring the Atlantic Ocean shore with her Yorkshire Terrier puppy, Roxy, or visiting her four grown children living here and abroad.

Jill Rakicsany



Jill developed a fascination with creating beautiful spaces in early childhood, laying the foundation for a lifetime dedicated to the pursuit of design excellence. Her journey has been one of exploration, traversing the globe to study architecture and design while unraveling the secrets to living a truly beautiful life. She is driven by her belief in the transformative power of well-crafted spaces and is dedicated to curating the best possible environments for each one of her clients, ensuring they find comfort, inspiration, and a sense of sanctuary in their surroundings.

A native Washingtonian, Jill moved to Vienna in 2008 where she and her husband have been raising their family of three children and one Boston Terrier named Frank. She believes that Vienna is the perfect blend of small town charm and big city interest and is committed to making Sanctuary an essential part of the community - whether it be designing beautiful homes, giving Vienna a convenient place to find that perfect gift, or providing a venue for local artists to showcase their work, she wants Sanctuary to be a place where everyone feels welcome.

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Philippa Baker


Philippa has over fifteen years of experience decorating homes in the Washington D.C. area and working within the design industry. British by nationality, Philippa was born and raised in Africa, and it was her upbringing amidst the diverse and vibrant African culture that instilled her with an affinity for aesthetics and design from an early age. She also cultivated a deep appreciation for global culture, art, and history—giving her a cosmopolitan sensibility that continues to inspire and influence her design projects today.

Throughout her career, Philippa has developed a penchant for minimalist aesthetics, honing a keen eye for detail, light, and color. Her love for textiles, patterns, and textures has been a driving force behind her work. Having held positions at highly respected firms within the industry, she has refined her craft while gaining invaluable insights into the complexities and gratifications of the design process.

Philippa specializes in modern styles with classic influences; however, she isn’t afraid to introduce a funky, fun edge when a space calls for one. In addition, her long-running involvement in D.C.’s thriving music and arts scene enables her to bring a fresh, youthful, and energetic element to all of her work. Philippa's approachable and friendly demeanor shines through in her design philosophy, as well as in the strong relationships she fosters with our clients.

Katelyn Rehman


Katelyn has been with Sanctuary since they opened their doors seven years ago in Bethesda, Maryland. Ever since, she has brought an entrepreneurial spirit to Sanctuary, collaborating with the team to accelerate and develop its growth through creativity, strategic risk-taking, and hard work.


Katelyn strives to blend aesthetics with functionality, creating environments that not only captivate the eye but enhance the client's quality of life. Her designs are characterized by a harmonious balance of textures, colors, and innovative elements, ensuring a timeless appeal that withstands evolving trends.


As a senior designer, Katelyn is committed to every Sanctuary client and devoted to creating beautiful, functional, family-friendly spaces that allow people to feel truly at home. When Katelyn is not working you can find her traveling the world, somewhere near the water, or walking her chocolate lab, Brooks.


Charene Potts


Charene’s childhood was split between her island home of Jamaica and St. Vincent & the Grenadines. She was bit by the design bug on a visit to an estate on the island of Mustique, where the living room was built around a boulder found on site. Her love for interiors and appreciation for cultural aesthetics grew as she traveled throughout the Caribbean and the U.S. and during her study and work experiences in France. With a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism and Romance Languages and an M.A. in French Literature, she spent years as a foreign language teacher. While living in California, Charene formalized her passion for interiors by completing an A.S. in Interior Design.


Charene relocated to Vienna, VA with her husband and three children and is thrilled to bring her experiences as a homemaker, educator, and designer to the Sanctuary team. She enjoys creating stylish and functional spaces that reflect each client’s unique story and loves getting to know people while bringing infectious warmth and enthusiasm to her work. You can find her in the garden, traveling, volunteering, or on long walks around her Vienna hometown when she isn't in the studio or with family.

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